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About Us

We are a Food Start-up Company headquartered at Belgaum. It was formed by three passionate young engineers with their mind in engineering, heart in food, an eye for detail and a discerning taste! We aim to have a refreshing take to the ubiquitous healthy snack of tea and toast by pairing it with delightful and tasty accompaniments.
We also aim to deploy well designed and fully equipped Food Trucks at top academic Institutes, Corporate zones, Airports etc, across the country. The Food Trucks will offer the quintessential Indian Tea & Snacks with an interesting twist at amazing price points, unique taste, service and concept. Our flagship Food Trucks are ready to be deployed at academic institutions starting from Belgaum.

Where there is Tea, there is hope!

What We Do!


Curated perfectly to cater to Indian pallet, the recipes are a desi mix of Indian, Mexican, African, Continental & Italian.


Spoilt for Choices! Our menu is designed in a way to let anyone, be it a student or a working professional, to experience Food Euphoria!


We value the contribution of a business for nation building by skill building, empowerment & employment. Also, gladly supporting 'Donate A Smile' campaign; a cause to help underprivileged children dream of bigger things.


Colorful decor, freshly brewed aromatic tea and delectable toasts instantly uplifts your mood and helps to release the 'HAPPY' hormones in your brain.

Tea Flask

Introducing the tea flask, an eco- friendly alternative for the thermos. Tired of carrying a heavy thermos, or a tray of cups full of tea to the office you provide in? Well, we got you! Thanks to the inner aluminium lining, the tea flask acts like a thermos and keeps your beverage warm for a long time. No need to worry about disposal, as it is completely made up of biodegradable materials. Available in 2 variants, 500ml and 1000ml, the tea flask is your solution for your anytime tea cravings. The container can be disposed of easily after consumption, and can keep the tea warm for about 40-50 minutes. Disposable tea flasks are a popular solution to the problem of carrying tea for a group of people, you don’t need to balance 6 cups of tea just for your noisy colleagues anymore. All you need is 6 paper cups and a Tea Flask!

Why Veg?

The entire menu of The Tea Toast Co. is vegetarian and aims to go Vegan to a large extent. When the world is gushing about the benefits of being Vegetarianism that offers loads of health benefits, we thought it the right fit for our food offerings. Our food items can be picked up on the go or had in leisure at the outlets. Being vegetarian allows us complete control over sourcing fresh produce every day, bringing you the taste of the farms right up to your fork within a few hours. Our menu is a healthy option for those who want to enjoy the mouth watering taste while feeling full and gaining from the health benefits of our teas filled to the brim with medicinal benefits.


When three die-hard foodies come together and bring along strong technical know-how and sharp business acumen, you have a fantastic combination for a good offering. The Tea Toast Co. was started by the three founders who love their food more than anything else.

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